Attracting the right staff

19th July 2016

Making sure that employees have the skills and experience to match the requirements of a business is crucial to any company’s success whether it is a start-up or firmly established.

Employing the right staff for your company means that the owner or managers must have a very clear comprehension of:

  • the business’ needs 
  • the skills gap in the present workforce 
  • the business’ current limitations.

If you don’t have a clear idea of why you are hiring, you are unlikely to be able utilise that person to their full capability.

Does your company need more staff?

Before commencing the recruitment process for any role or roles it is advisable to identify the business’s current strengths and weaknesses and how more staff could make a positive impact on this equation.

A recruitment schedule is also important. Consider what your targets are in terms of increasing production, revenue, sales or something else over the course of a year.

This will help you think about when you are going to need to start looking for potential candidates, conducting interviews and how much time you are going to dedicate to training.

What do you need them to do?

It is essential to identify the skills gaps in your current workforce when you are considering recruiting new staff.

It’s is also sensible to consider what skills complement each other. For example, you may need a mix of practical skills and organisational and project management experience. It is rare that a single person will have everything you need but there is always scope to learn.

The practical skills may be harder to find and you may already have staff who can teach someone how to manage the kind of projects you undertake.   

Find the right channels to advertise the vacancy

Most companies will advertise their vacancies on one of the plethora of recruitment websites available to them. These websites can be run and managed by local newspapers, national recruitment agencies or are stand-alone sites. 

If the role requires very specific skills such as sales, marketing, finance or creative skills it is advisable to use a niche website which is appropriate to the role.

Additionally the majority of the UK broadsheet newspapers have specific days for certain sectors such as media and marketing, finance, social and charity, and senior management. If the role is management level then LinkedIn is proving increasingly popular.

Hiring internally

Hiring a staff member who already works for the company can simplify the recruitment process.

The individual managing recruitment may already know the employee and their strengths and weaknesses. The process will still have to follow company recruitment procedures and depending on the size of the company the role may also have to be advertised externally.

Salary and benefits

An improved salary can be a significant reason for someone to change jobs however better benefits and working conditions are also very important. Benefits which can be offered include pensions, healthcare, gym membership, company car, money towards public transport season tickets and better holiday allowances.

Offering flexible working hours is an increasingly important factor when candidates are considering whether they want to work with you.

Get advice

When recruiting it is wise to consult an expert if you have not recruited before. This can be an HR consultant or lawyer to ensure that contracts are legal. It is also wise to consult an accountant to ensure that the timing is right for the company, the company can afford the salary offered and that any benefits are realistic. 

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