Established businesses

Established businesses often have different needs to start-ups and early stage businesses.

Established businesses

They will have established accounting and control systems, and may have passed through a period of rapid growth, and are now consolidating their position. We work with our clients to ensure that the focus on the business strategy is not lost.

We can help ensure:

  • Accounting systems are kept up to date. Perhaps assisting you to implement a new accounting system if required.
  • Payroll systems are kept up to date.
  • Controls are appropriate to the size of the business. If systems are not regularly reviewed, it is possible that control systems are not operating as originally envisaged, have simply been forgotten, or over time have changed. A systems review can be a useful exercise to protect your business from loss through fraud or error.

We help our clients:

  • Prepare for VAT or payroll inspections, so ensure that such visits go smoothly.
  • Answer any queries raised by HMRC.
  • Prepare forecasts, so that the future expectations for the performance of the business are clearly defined, and actual results can be compared to these expectations.
  • Prepare P11Ds.
  • Use appropriate tax planning to achieve their goals.

If clients are considering expanding through acquisition, we can assist by commenting on the legal documents from an accountant's viewpoint, and perform due diligence on the target company.

We also often review the owners' options with regard to exit from the business.

The services most commonly used by established businesses are:

We have established businesses across all our specialist sectors and industries:

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