Due diligence

Maximising potential

Due diligence

Our transaction services team helps entrepreneurial buyers and sellers to realise the full potential of transactions of all values.

You will find us objective, honest, thorough and communicative. Our financial experts and tax advisers have earned a reputation for being highly effective.

The team is led by John Craig and Martin Widdowson - both hold the ICAEW Corporate Finance Qualification.

Our key services

Acquisition due diligence

Assesses the risks and opportunities of a proposed transaction. Objectively evaluates the merits of a deal and the valuation supporting the offer price ensuring that suitable warranties and indemnities are included in the agreement. The process can be tailored both in the level of detail and the focus of the review.

Desktop due diligence

Company research, using only publicly available information. An excellent way of narrowing down prospective acquisition targets or identifying areas for further detailed review, should a transaction proceed.

Vendor due diligence

A review of your business to identify questions that may be asked by potential purchasers. We will highlight issues that may complicate a sale and opportunities to enhance the potential value.

Advice on prospectuses / listing documents

We provide expertise in the preparation of documents to gain admission to markets such as AIM or PLUS.  Preparation should only be undertaken with a firm of accountants which has understanding and experience of market rules.

Lending due diligence

Financial institutions often require preparation of detailed information in support of a lending application. We are experienced in preparing the package and recognise the importance of getting it right first time.

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