Brebners has specialist departments in London and Sevenoaks, utilising Star payroll. We run payrolls for many of our clients, processing the instructions passed to us, and preparing the monthly and year end returns.


Transferring your payroll to us is effortless. We ensure that it is run according to the date that you wish to pay your staff and we will advise you in plenty of time of the PAYE and NIC payable. If you want to completely outsource your payroll function we can even deal with the payments to HMRC for you.

Our payroll department works closely with our other departments. For example, when we prepare your management accounts we ensure that the payroll is processed and the PAYE and NIC account reconciled. Any payment discrepancies are highlighted on a monthly or quarterly basis which is particularly important given that late payment penalties apply on PAYE amounts due that are not paid in full on time. This close relationship also assists with the preparation for the year end P35.

P11Ds and dispensations

A form P11D is a return of expenses and benefits. If your employees have company credit cards and/or reimbursed expenses then it is likely that P11Ds will be required.

We can assist you to ensure that controls are in place so that your company can apply for a dispensation.

A dispensation notice from HMRC removes the requirements to report expenses and benefits at the end of the year on forms P11D or P9D. There is also no need to pay tax or NI on items covered by a dispensation.

Dispensations last indefinitely although HMRC does review them regularly.

Certain items cannot be covered by a dispensation. If you would like to reduce the compliance burden please contact us for more information on applying for a dispensation.

PAYE Settlement Agreements (PSAs)

A PSA is a more flexible way of dealing with certain expenses and benefits.

It is a voluntary agreement between you and HMRC whereby you agree to meet the tax payable on certain expenses and benefits in kind that you give to your employees.

Certain deadlines need to be adhered to in respect of agreeing the PSA, submitting the benefit calculations to HMRC and paying the tax and NI.

For more information, please contact:

ICAEW IGAL The Association of Practising Accountants

Xero - Gold Partners Quickbooks Certified ProAdvisors