Liquidation, insolvency and corporate recovery

Protecting your interests

Liquidation, insolvency and corporate recovery

The term 'liquidation' often has negative connotations, yet handled correctly, the reality can be very different.

In addition to the usual insolvent liquidation, the Brebners insolvency and corporate recovery team specialises in the winding up of solvent companies. This can be used as a highly effective tax planning tool, enabling profits to be distributed as capital to minimise personal taxation of the shareholders. We can also help you to maximise the exemptions and reliefs that may be available.

The right advice

When your company is experiencing a financial crisis, you need the very best advice - from a team that can quickly and clearly present the options available and then help you find the best outcome for your particular situation. If your business is facing financial difficulties, the speed with which you seek that advice will have a direct impact on the outcome. Similarly, the speed with which your adviser acts is equally as crucial.

We are able to act as adviser to both your company and its directors. We will ensure that the directors take the correct steps to protect their personal position and comply with the increasingly complex legislative requirements.

When a company has come to the end of its useful life, the finality that a corporate liquidation brings is often a huge relief to directors and shareholders alike. This is most evident at the time of divorce or where there is conflict between the shareholders.

The Brebners team is often able to carry out a tax-efficient reconstruction within a solvent liquidation in order to separate different types of assets for distribution between the shareholders. In conjunction with our tax department, we can obtain the necessary clearances from HMRC that are essential for the success of such a process.

Whatever your individual issues, you will find Brebners to be objective, knowledgeable and extremely responsive to your needs.

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