Bloom Design Limited

We are very happy with Brebners' work. They are precise, detailed and proactive and James Pierce in particular goes to great lengths to get up to speed on our business needs, involving specialist partners as and when needed. James is very quick to respond to the complex queries I may have and I never feel like I’m having to hang around or chase for a reply.

We definitely get added value from Brebners, which was the main reason for the move from our previous accountants, which went very smoothly. The team exceeded expectations in terms of getting everything set up and running quickly with minimum fuss.

Brebners' payroll service is very easy and the firm are both flexible enough to work to our guidelines and will suggest efficiencies where they think it would be helpful.

We find Brebners to be very cost-effective. I periodically run the numbers to see if it would be better to bring things in-house and although I could employ a senior bookkeeper for the amount we spend with them in the course of a year, I would need to pay out more on top for the specialist tax and business advice.

Overall I’ve been very impressed with Brebners. Day to day, I have a very good working relationship with my key contact and we work together as an integrated team, rather than ‘us’ and ‘them’.

Jemma Golby
Business Operations Director