Qualification with a medium sized firm opens up a wide spectrum of employment, not only within the firm, where partnership is of course a possibility.

Professional practices of all sizes welcome candidates with very good accounting experience matched by knowledge of large firm audit techniques and a large exposure to different types of business. Commercial concerns are equally welcoming to candidates who are strong in accounting and are used to ‘doing’ not only checking.

Past students have gone on to become finance directors of public companies, partners in professional practices and used their knowledge to set up and run their own non-professional businesses. Whichever direction is chosen we feel that the training given here should give you a sound base from which to expand your knowledge and achieve your goals.

Training Contracts

Selection for interview is based on the completion of our application form. A good standard and spread of GCSEs including English and Mathematics and 300 UCAS Points from your top three grades (first attempts only), together with expectation of either at least a credit pass at Foundation level or a 2.2 class honours degree, are the academic requirements. Personal qualities required are harder to define and measure and we do not expect or want to recruit six clones of existing staff. Since the method of studying for exams in the evenings is very demanding, certainly self discipline and commitment together with accuracy are important. In dealing with clients’ literacy, tact and diplomacy come to the fore and in dealing with your colleagues and the partners a sense of humour will prove invaluable!

Studying for the exams is managed by SWAT UK, a company funded by a number of medium sized firms to provide full time internal training facilities.

External tutors are employed to provide the course materials and study packs for homework and full time interim and final revision courses taken prior to each professional examination.

Every six months, progress is formally monitored and reviewed by the training partner. Your study records, both of work experience and examinations, will be discussed with you and targets set for the future. The variety and level of work provided by the firm is planned in conjunction with the progress made in academic studies and previous experience

Clearly, in a period where a little over two years training for graduates is dedicated to practical work, it is not possible to provide experience on all of our clients. However assignments in general would not exceed three weeks and this enables greater variety of experience. Additionally where a client is of sufficient size we endeavour to ensure that trainees have experience on that specific client at junior, semi senior and senior levels.

It is our expectation that you will pass your examinations at the first attempt having properly prepared beforehand. Unfortunately this is not always the case. It should be stated however that our pass rates are consistently better than average. All study costs are paid by the firm for the first attempt at all examinations, thereafter costs of retakes, revisions and study leave are the student’s financial responsibility. Whilst this may seem rather harsh it is aimed at concentrating the mind on the task to hand. The disruptive effect to work planning in the office, as well as home life, in organising additional leave and study, in order to retake an examination, is better avoided.

Year Courses Experience


  • Basic Bookkeeping
  • Introduction to Professional Ethics
  • Auditing: Introduction
  • Company Accounts: Introduction
  • Introduction to PAYE
  • Auditing: Substantive and Systems Testing
  • Sage Appreciation
  • Accounts preparation
  • Audit of sections of larger companies.
  • Secondments to Company Secretarial and Tax Departments.


  • Practical VAT
  • Practical Corporation Tax
  • Basic Bookkeeping Refresher
  • Auditing: Taking Responsibility for the file
  • Company Accounts: The Next Step
  • Forms P11d
  • ISAs: Planning, Internal Controls and Other Common Problems
  • Company Law
  • Understanding Financial Information
  • Audit and accounts of larger companies.
  • Staff Supervision
  • Sole responsibility for smaller company work


  • Auditing regulated entities
  • Supervisory Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Managing the Assignment and the Client
  • Personal Skills
  • Tax Issues for Audit Seniors
  • Advanced Audit Competence
  • Leading, and completion of, larger company audits and accounts.
  • Consolidations
  • Investigations

How To Apply

Please apply directly with a CV and covering letter to

ICAEW IGAL The Association of Practising Accountants

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