Tax Disclosures

Whilst we offer assistance to individuals, businesses and companies who are faced with a tax investigation, we also help those who wish to regularise their tax affairs by making a voluntary unprompted disclosure.

Tax Disclosures

The advantages of coming forward and making an early disclosure to HMRC may include the following:

  • A reduced penalty.
  • Immunity from a criminal investigation for the tax offence.
  • Less interaction with HMRC.
  • Controlling the process.

However, it is important that any disclosure to HMRC is carefully managed, giving due thought and consideration to any previous tax investigations which may have occurred.

There are several routes open to disclose unpaid duties to HMRC, depending on whether the tax disclosure relates solely to UK issues (UK Disclosure Facilities i.e. Let Property Campaign) or includes overseas income / gains which require disclosing (Worldwide Disclosure Facility – WDF).

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